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If you know a regular player who plays golf, you will no doubt have been involved in a conversation with them at some point about how wonderful the game is, as anyone who plays often will tell you that golf is a sport you will only love more over time. Once you have started playing you are hooked for life.


Golf is a sport that appears so simple to anyone that has never played before that it is difficult to see what the appeal is. It is not until you have picked up an iron in anger and tried to connect the club ended with a little white ball, propel it as far as you can in a straight line.

You have to avoid bunkers, the rough and of course trees while working the ball towards a little cup in the ground. Practically speaking, golf should not be difficult, it simply is a case of swinging the club in an arc from behind you towards the ball, what could be difficult about that? And therein lays the real difficulty, human involvement, so why do people get so hooked on golf?

The Beauty of Golf

Golf is Social

It is played person versus person but always against the elements, generally in golf, there is no team involvement although some competitions do have teams events. Unlike a team sport when you get it wrong at golf there is no hiding behind anyone, no one can take the blame for your bad performance other than you, so it is always down to you and you alone to perform.

Golf is Competitive

Golf is a game played in groups of friends, egging each other on and having a laugh at each other's mistakes, but golf is a serious game and when someone is not playing well they are never happy. You could play a game of golf today and have your best round ever and play again tomorrow and have your worst round ever; that is the beauty of golf.

Golf in Wales

But now a new kid on the block has turned up to compete with Scotland and Ireland and golfing holidays in Wales are now becoming very popular. Golfing holidays in Wales offer a new experience to the golfer with some fantastically challenging courses and some spectacular scenery to boot but with the added advantage of being a lot closer to home for many people that Scotland or Ireland.


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The Beauty of British Golf Courses.

There is now an increase in the number of golfers who are visiting the British Isles for a golfing break as the courses tend to be more challenging than those in Europe.


Elements, longer, thicker rough and the narrower fairways make British courses tough.

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For many years Scotland and Ireland have been popular destinations with British golfers


These two countries offer some superb golfing experiences for golfers of all levels of ability